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New riders will not be allowed into class once it has begun due to the required bike safety and class briefing. We ask that all new riders arrive at least 15-10 minutes before class for their first-timer orientation.


Late arrivals will not be permitted into class 5 minutes after class start time!  If you are running late, we cannot guarantee that your bike will be held. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before class to allow enough time for parking, check in, & bike set up! New riders, please review our New Rider Policy above.


If you have not checked in on the iiCE app or have checked with a Studio Staff member 5 minutes before class start time, your spot may be given to a waitlisted guest or member on the move list.


There is a 12-hour cancellation policy for all classes. All classes must be canceled 12 hours before class start time to avoid fees. Clients who "Late Cancel" will be charged a $15 fee. "No Shows" will be charged a $20 fee. Credits are returned to your account once the “Late Cancel” or “No- Show” fee has been processed. Fees are automatically charged within 24 hours of the scheduled class time. Only First-Time "Late Cancelation" or "No Show" using a First Class Promo class credit will result in a loss-of-credit. 


Member Booking: Saturday 12PM- Following 2 Weeks Interval Booking Window 

Non-Member Booking: Sunday 12PM- Following 2 Weeks Interval Booking Window 


First time shoe rentals are on us! Shoe rentals are $2+ tax. Save time by adding your shoe rental to your reservation directly on the app or at check-in with a studio staff member. 


Anyone using the iiCE Fitness app is able to buy class credits for a guest or use their Member Guest Passes by selecting “Reserve for… Guest” and inserting their email address! 


Member Guest Passes are credited to member accounts on the day of Auto-Renewal. 


Joining the Waitlist- You are able to join the waitlist up to 15 minutes before class start time. You are welcomed to come into the studio and be on Stand-by. Once the studio door closes, any available bikes may be taken by those on the “Stand-by” list. 


Waitlist Cancellations- waitlist reservations can be canceled at any time without penalty unless the waitlist reservation is upgraded and confirmed as a reservation. We kindly ask that you please remove yourself from the waitlist if you know you wouldn’t be able to make it on time for class.


1 Hour Waitlist Auto-Fill- The system will stop automatically adding riders on the waitlist into the class 1 Hour before class time. If you make it off the waitlist and it is less than 1 Hour before class time, a studio staff member will give you a call to confirm your reservation. 


Confirmed Booking- If you are moved off the waitlist and successfully booked into a class, you will receive a confirmation email and a notification through your iiCE Fitness app. Please opt into email/ text/ app notifications. All confirmed reservations are subject to the Cancellation Policy. 


Unable to Attend- If you are unable to attend the class after you have been successfully booked into class, we kindly request that you inform us via call or email BEFORE class time. This allows us to waive the “No Show” fee and notify the next person on the waitlist.


Removal from Waitlist- If you do not make it off the waitlist you will be automatically removed from the waitlist and returned your credit or membership usage for a future booking, this is automatically processed 1- Hour after class end time. 


You must be present at least 5 minutes before class to get on the Stand-by list. Please check-in with studio staff to confirm your arrival for the stand-by list. Stand-by reservations are not confirmed till a bike is assigned by a studio staff member based on spot availability. 


Clients are able to make reservations on the app up to 15 minutes before class start time including getting on the waitlist.


Mobile Check-in allows you to check-in when you are within a 100 meter radius of the studio. Mobile Check-In begins 30 minutes before class and ends 5 minutes before class. If it is 5 minutes or less before class start time, you must check-in with a studio staff member. Please ensure you were checked in before leaving the studio especially if you missed the Mobile Check-In window.


We kindly ask that you communicate with us via our live website chat, phone, or email. The best, instant form of communication is our website live chat that is being monitored by our studio staff during open studio hours. The chat is located on the bottom-right corner of our website. Please refrain from communicating via Instagram, as we do not monitor Instagram chat during class check-in times. 


Live Chat: (Bottom Right Corner) 

Studio Cell: 972-360-9525 

Studio Email: 


We encourage you to capture your special moments at iiCE Fitness, but we ask that you do so thoughtfully and respectfully. Phones must be placed on DO NOT DISTURB and lowest brightness setting. No calls, texting, or use of flash is permitted during class. Please do not “post/upload” during class. We understand that you may have loved ones that require your attention, please walk out of the studio room if you must use your phone.



At iiCE, we're actively collaborating with coaches worldwide, such as German Ruiz from Mexico! While we strive to bring more guests, due to the cost and travel involved, premium guest coach rides are not included in memberships and cannot be booked with regular class credits. However, unlimited members do enjoy priority booking! Some rides are exclusive to iiCE members due to high demand and limited availability. Join us to unlock all member perks and experience iiCE with our guest coaches!



At iiCE, you know we love to think outside the box and throw some wild celebrations! We have the pleasure to welcome special guests like live DJs, bands, upcoming artists, and performers. Due to the talent cost and travel involved, some special guest rides are not included in memberships and cannot be booked with regular class credits. However, unlimited members do enjoy priority booking!

Please note that this page is intended to supplement and reinforce our existing waiver, terms, and conditions. It does not supersede any existing agreements between participants and our organization.

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